Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying Leap Land of Love
February 4 - 27
Opens Friday, February 4th at Art Walk

A delightful show full of surprises, featuring a Wish Fulfillment Chair, a Valentine Comfort Station, an over-the-top Love Nest, and a Paris café room, decorated with romantic film posters and stills.
The art exhibited has a love theme, which encompasses not only romance but the many ordinary daily loves of our life, inspiring affection and gratitude for details we may commonly overlook. Featured will be the wonderful, intricate designs of Emily Fotis; beautiful, clear oil paintings by Molly Moser, a young artist who recently moved to Fairfield; flower photographs by Sharon Harris; and assorted work by the Flying Leap artists.
There are also Valentine cards and baubles, made by Mikaila Maidment, Judy Bales, Toni d’Orr, and Donna Colby. These are original creations and include love charms and tokens, Valentine fortunes, handmade cards, and other items of fun. Sherrie Lovler’s calligraphic art cards and prints of love poems are still available as well.
The Flying Leap Studio always has a project on Art Walk night, open to everyone. This time, there will be supplies to make your own Valentines or love charms, using paper, doilies, ribbon, fabric, stickers, and other appropriate things.

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