Thursday, March 3, 2011

Entering the Dream
March 4 - 27

The show includes atmospheric digital works by New York photographer Peter Kopher and the beginning of a long-term project called "Metamorphosis," created by Martyn Webber of Fairfield. Featuring a large group of photos mounted in a non-traditional way, Webber's installation-like display will expand in the months ahead. Martyn, in collaboration with Donna Colby, Flying Leap owner and director,  will incorporate photos, digital art, 3-D objects, theatrical props and settings, and anything else that seems interesting to form an ever-changing art piece that is the room itself. The work will make its debut in April, but viewers will get a taste of it in March.

Evocative paintings of interiors by Molly Moser and delicate folk art by Emily Fotis are held over from February, as is Sherrie Lovler’s beautiful calligraphic art. Flying Leap also now has the newly published book by Lovler, 
Two as One, written along with Anthony Lawlor, with wonderful prints of all the art pieces, the poems that inspired them, and the very honest and simply told love story between Sherrie and Tony.