Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mask, Meaning & Metamorphosis 
April 1 - May 29

This show features the work of two artists who received grants from the Iowa Arts Council:

Marcia Tiffany
is showing ten mask assemblages made of intriguing natural materials. They have a mysterious and primal beauty and draw the viewer into a wonderful awe of natural forms.

Toni d'Orr’s exhibit, Tiny Books, displays her meticulous handmade books, sculptural little jewels of subtle beauty, some using dictionary pages. Her work explores, with delicacy and harmony, the themes of layering, movement, narrative and surprise.
In the same room with Toni's work will be incredible, must-see tiny works of art by Dain Daller, Amanda Speer, John Stimson, Geoffrey Baker, and Mara Winningham.

The show also includes other members of the Tiffany family. Marcia’s husband Steve has a monitor displaying his computer art, using randomness to compose an endless series of images, evoking a magical, transforming world. There is also be a fiber art piece by Virginia Tiffany, Steve’s mother, made in the 1960s and inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. A digital photo montage by Jackson Tiffany, Steve’s father, expands the world of a Wisconsin jogger in a piece called “Space Warp on Bay Drive.”

Martyn Webber's installation called "Metamorphosis" continues. It’s a wonderfully absorbing mixed media creation that meanders and fills a whole room.

Mask, Meaning & Metamorphosis will run from April 1 to May 29. Flying Leap’s new regular hours are 12:30 to 5:00, Wednesday through Sunday.

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