Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 3 - 26

This new show explores the mysterious nature of time and memory, the overlap of past, present and future, and the unpredictable elements of growth, aging, and renewal. Inspired by the milestone birthday (65th) of Flying Leap owner and director Donna Colby, the show includes:

 Donna's own mixed media pieces that playfully honor the matrix of images and influences that have made up her life so far and investigate the relationship between imagination, growth, and aging.

A marvelous 72-inch relief construction by Olaya Vera, in which she beautifully and intricately represents the parade of civilizations in the world, along with smaller works that also deal with the theme of time.

A series of sculpted faces cast in plaster by Dale Divoky called "The Ages of Man,"
 showing the same face as it grows from infancy to old age.

A sculpture sequence in clay by Dain Daller in which an open rectangle delightfully morphs into a human head.

In the gallery, there will also be two interactive works that invite everyone’s collaboration.

Some of the art pieces from the previous show will be held over—Nick Johnson's highly original and entertaining assemblages, and some of the pieces in the tiny works room. Martyn Webber’s ongoing exhibit, Metamorphosis, also continues.