Thursday, July 21, 2011

Personal Worlds
July 1 - August 28

Luscious oil paintings and ceramic work by Kasie Clemmons.

The paintings, in Bonnard-like colors, draw the viewer into a story in progress. The people in Kasie's paintings become characters with an interior world that is partly glimpsed, partly secret. Her ceramics have attracted devoted fans for years. In this show, there is a wide selection of paintings, along with ceramic wall pieces and a splendid array of summery dishes, hand-painted in delicious colors.

A new group of magical mixed media pieces by Olaya Vera.  
Olaya's work shows a great skill with design, color, and multiple meanings. The works include tabletop creations, shadow boxes, and framed collages. Olaya grew up in the Dominican Republic and her rich cultural background pervades her work. 

Martyn Webber’s ongoing exhibit, Metamorphosis, with photos and other works, continues.