Thursday, October 31, 2013

An image from David Fleming's Tree series

This month's exhibit features a variety of Flying Leap's favorite artists we've shown before and a few new ones: Mikaila Maidment, David Fleming, Patty Hancock, Genevra Daley Bell, Mara Winningham, Rod Falk, Rick Dunstan, Danielle Shier, Hilary Nelson, Scooter Glithorthian, Donna Colby, and many more.

David Fleming's enhanced photographs are mainly new ones, added to the exquisite series of trees from the Nature Show.

Patty Hancock has four new pieces on bamboo paper in bamboo frames.

Genevra Daley Bell has a new series of animal illustrations

New additions include beautiful color drawings by Juliette Daley, shadow box mixed media pieces by Dori Lewman, and a collage of figure sketches by Sarah Baron.

We are also extending the Empty Bowls event (without the soup) to raise money for world hunger. There were many beautiful bowls left over after the main event, so we have them here—all made by local ceramic artists. They sell for $25 each and all the money will go to Table to Table or Oxfam. Empty Bowls purchases must be cash or check only (no credit cards).

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

from Rocky Mountain National Park series by Mikaila Maidment

continues with some new works added

Show runs until Saturday, October 26
Art Walk is Friday, October 4
Works featured:

Rod Falk’s powerful and primal paintings expressing “the flow of Mother Nature’s creative force.” Using paint combined with natural elements, these simple images evoke the source of creation and the condensed energy inherent in its expression.

Danielle Shier’s luminous pastel landscapes, each one an invitation into the forms, feelings, and colors of a beautiful place and aspect of nature.

Mikaila Maidment’s striking landscapes, in two formats—paintings in rich colors, with her masterful brushstrokes, and black and white illustrations in ink, graced with both simplicity and detail.

Hilary Nelson’s wooden animal cutouts, painted in a soft, tactile way that really gives each animal a strong personality.

David Fleming’s enhanced photographs of elements of nature, with marvelous color palettes and design evocative of fine silk screen or woodcut prints.

Rick Dunstan’s ceramic planters and fountains, with an earthy beauty.

Wendy Stegall’s glowing assemblages and prints, spiritual and contemplative, each one a sacred object. They will be exhibited in the small reading room next to the classroom studio, so they can be quietly observed as in a temple.

Kartika Damon’s recently created Buddha series, uniting images of Buddha with elements of nature in rich mixed media pieces with many layers of meaning and depth and Kartika’s skill with design and tone.

New works by Olaya Veras, with a nature theme and her well-known sense of striking design and dramatic color choices.

One new work by Patty Hancock—another print of her ceramic paintings—this one printed with brilliance on a metallic surface.

Other new works by the Flying Leap artists, including Joyce Schindler, and a memorial exhibit of prints of Peter Graham-Bell’s paintings. Peter passed away on August 7 and will be greatly missed by the Flying Leap family.