Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mikaila Maidment’s Awesome Art
Show Opens October 7th at Art Walk

Be sure to come up to Flying Leap anytime during October to see works by the very talented Mikaila Maidment. She has a remarkably deft touch with a brush, and her paintings, whether narratives with figures or stunning landscapes, have a quality of luminous and rich life. Each piece reveals more and more with every viewing, offering a journey into their fascinating worlds. Mikaila has made them very affordable, so this is definitely a show not to miss, especially for those who know and love her work.
Donna Colby has also created some new pieces under two of her pseudonyms, Scooter Glithorthian and Leapin’ Lulu, who each have a unique and playful style. These will be shown in Flying Leap’s Fun and Games Room.
In addition, there is a great selection of ceramics by Mara Winningham and Kasie Clemmons. Mara’s polka dots, stripes, and tiny patterns are totally delightful, and Kasie’s plates are luscious with hand-painted flowers in wonderful colors.
 Steve Tiffany's popular computer art piece, Altered State Park, is now available on DVD as a gift shop item. This work displays more than 2,000 computer-generated collages in a three hour loop.