Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jewel Tree by David Fleming



Juliette Daley has a new group of her beautiful, delicate drawings in watercolor pencil.

Mikaila Maidment also has a new series of her stunning landscape paintings.

Donna Colby has some new angel paintings, including The Angel of Text, who wears glasses and is reading a book.

Judy Bales has some unique decorative bows with personality that can be used on packages, as a hair ornament, an extravagant bracelet, or on a Christmas tree.

Kartika Damon has made a series of decoupaged bottles with a vintage flavor.


Rick Dunstan's very wonderful ceramic planters, complete with plants, marked down to an extremely affordable price. If you like plants, these planters are really special and shouldn't be missed!

David Fleming's enhanced photographs of elements of nature. Each one has a marvelous mood and design and they look more like silk screen prints or lithographs than traditional photographs. They are also offered at remarkable prices.

Patty Hancock has her large selection of small prints and her four new pieces on bamboo paper in bamboo frames.

Genevra Daley Bell's animal illustrations are being offered at special holiday prices.

Many more art pieces by the Flying Leap artists are on display throughout the gallery and classroom.

We are also still extending the Empty Bowls event (without the soup) to raise money for world hunger. There were many beautiful bowls left over after the main event, so we have them here—all made by local ceramic artists. They sell for $25 each and all the money will go to Table to Table or Oxfam. Empty Bowls purchases must be cash or check only (no credit cards).

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